Monday, June 17, 2013

Lowell Moore of Orlando, target of cyberstalkers.

I'm writing today about my good friend Lowell Moore and his trouble with a few Cyber Stalkers. One is a lowlife photographer from Boston who blames Lowell Moore for his own lapse of judgment that almost cost a young NFL star a giant 7 figure endorsement. The others are real estate scumbags with multiple complaints against them in Orlando. What is comes down to, is if you are a good person and you do business with bad people, knowingly or not, it will come back to haunt you. Stewart Smith of Boston had worked with my friend Lowell Moore. Lowell was waiting to receive payment from a company I will leave out as they have not spread any libel and therefore deserve no backlash. Mr. Smith on the other-hand was pushing for payment and asked if he could post pictures of this young NFL star. He was given the okay. He posted the pictures using the name of a clothing line attached without permission or checking. VERY STUPID!!! This began a tide of events that have still not subsided. What would the ethical thing have been to do? Remove the pictures and leave it alone. Do you think that was what old Stewie Smith did? Of course not, being the scum he is he tried to pin it on Lowell publicly. As one who was in the know on all ends of this operation I can say without a doubt old Stew was the one at fault. Stew even tried to slander me on the internet. At this point I am just dealing with old Stew...
At this point old Stew has done nothing to rectify the situation. I will give it a short time and see what comes of this despicable situation. If Stew continues to slander me I will be forced to file criminal charges as I will not put up with such sleazy practices. Keep in mind, any lowlife can say anything about you on the internet. Be careful who you do business with.

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  1. Can't be too careful with scumbags and the internet.